Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project Life Tuesday: 2012: Week 6

Happy Valentines's Day to my hubby, family, friends, and all my blogger friends. Today is one of my favorite days of the year!

Well..... I may have bragged too soon.  This week wasn't so good in the photography area.  I didn't take ANY pictures 2 days this past week.  Ugh, sigh!!!!!!!!

I don't want to be to hard on myself, but darn it!!  We didn't have that exciting of a week, so I guess it's ok.  I didn't miss much.  But I am back at this week and determined to not let this happen again... for awhile that is! 

Since I missed 2 days worth of pics I was able to add a little creativity and a few extras in my layout this week.  And I even included a journaling card with highlights from the week... I  have been wanting to incorporate one of these for awhile now.  So thats a plus!!

On to the the good stuff of this post....

Full layout

Left side

Right side

Up close pics!!!

Happy Tuesday!!  Any and all suggestions for fillers to add for "when" I foget to take pics would be great.  I have several in mind, but really want to keep the layouts fun when I forget to take pics.

I am sooo ready for the Becky Higgins products to come back in stock... I check her site and Amazon daily like a stalker :o)

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Emma said...

Its so awesome that you keep up with this! I've been seeing post about it since I started following you. Since I am semi new to your blog...what is it?!..besides a scrapbook of course ;) Am I aloud to ask you that? Lol

The Wallace Family said...

Abby I LOVE it! Definitely don't be hard on yourself, because you might have missed two days but you don't have empty pages in your book! It looks awesome! And I love your handwriting it's so pretty. Love the idea of highlights of the week....will remember that for a week I might be running low on things to put in my album! Great job girl LOVE it!

Julie said...

Love how colorful your pages are! I have had a couple of weeks where I didn't have a lot of pictures, but I love to add receipts, favorite food packagings, etc. to fill in during those weeks.

Have a great week!

camilla said...

You really shouldn't be tough on yourself. The pages look great and you they don't look as though you were lacking pictures to choose from!


kate adderley said...

love your pages this week, l dont always take pics everyday, sometimes its just bits and pieces of what we do, but you still have filled all your pockets and it looks great, l so love your little lily dog, l have one similar, and she is just beautiful, but at the moment she badly needs a haircut

Meeha Meeha said...

Hi, I just came over from the blog hop and I found your amazing photo project. I love it! I'm doing the 365 challenge for the first time myself and I know how hard it is to take a pic each day...

Nadine Karen said...

Don't stress about the photos, your pages turned out great. I especially like the week's highlights card. Good idea!
Other "fillers" could include the weeks menus, what you're watching on tv, what you are reading, what you wore- a fashion card.
Have a great week!

Savannah said...

Another great week of Project Life! Love it! What are the dimensions of your album? What size are the pictures you include? Hope you and P had a great V-day!

Abby Devine said...

Thanks for all the kind comments and page views! I really am enjoying this project and I love sharing it with others!