Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time is a FLYING....

I can't believe that May is almost here.... where is the time going these days?  I have been school-free for the past week now and BOY am I loving it!!  This week Patrick is on vacation, so it's going to be super nice having the week together.  We have decided not to take a vacation this year (TEAR) due to paying for school out of our pocket, needing a new car and about to lay new flooring in the house.  I am pretty sad about this... I have gone on vacation every year ever since I was a little girl!  So I guess it;s time to suck it up... but next  year is a must!!

It is Derby week here in the Bluegrass (KY)!!!  There are so many fun activities/race/parades/competitions/ and most importantly horse racing going on this week.  I have always wanted to go to Oaks and this year I am actually going.  I am pumped!! Tomorrow, I am heading out to find a new dress, and fascinator to wear!  I will post pics as soon as the outfit is complete. 

Im February I participated in the Photo-A-Day challenge by Fatmumslim on Instagram and loved it.  And March came and went and I only completed 5 photos for the month.  But I am planning to get back on track and for May.  I love completing this challenge, you find the most neat things to take pictures of and I love looking at all the FUN pics every one takes.  If you want to participate, here is the challenge!!  You will LOVE IT!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to Blogging....

Yesterday chalked up to be another great Sunday.... Have I mentioned how much I love Sundays?! We didn't do much, but it was much needed after a long afternoon and night at Thunder over Louisville. Patrick's cousin invited us to go a private lot where people with motor homes and other campers set-up for the weekend! For all you non-KY readers.... thunder is the kick off to all derby festivities that lead up to the Kentucky Derby! We haven't been in a few years, so it was nice to go, be with family, and see the greatest firework display in America. Here is the only pic I took of the night!

Allie Rae came over to spend the afternoon with us yesterday. She comes almost every Sunday and I just love having time for just the two of us. She might be a lot younger than me, but we are glued to the hip!!! And lily just loves her....

Crazy that I didn't have school or clinical today.... I feel like I don't know what to do with myself. Super excited though about relaxing and doing some things that I've had to put off for so long! On the agenda for this week.... Gym, spring cleaning, starting the hunger games series on my mommas kindle (cant believe everyone has read them but me... I had my nose in other books :o), developing a study plan for boards, cooking dinner every night for my hubby (something I haven't done in weeks), and a WHOLE lot of me time!!!!  And I am excited to be back blogging regularly.  I have really missed documenting our lives and reading all of my favorite blogs.  Hoping to make this part of my daily routine. 

I have a feeling that Lily is just gonna be spoiled rotten with her momma home everyday with her for a month or two!!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Closed a chapter of my life today...

After 7 long years I am officially no longer a college student.  Wednesday was my last day of clinical at the Immedicate Care Center and today was my last class of the Family Nurse Practitioner program.  It was bittersweet and I really can't believe that I am done.  I was all smiles driving down to school this morning and I am still all smiles tonight.

Now.... starts the crunch time.  Long days and nights of studying, studying, and more studying for my certification exam.  But I am not going to be thinking about this for a couple weeks, because I plan to enjoy, relax, and have some much needed FUN time!!!

So as this chapter of my life closes I am excited, giddy, nervous, but ready to open a new chapter!!!  I am so anxious to see whats in store for my path ahead!!  I am ready for a new ride and fun journey!!!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Project Life Tuesday: 2012: Week 13

I thought I was 2 weeks behind on Project Life.... come to find out it was only one week.  For week 12, I didn't really have any pics or other memorabilia, so as much as I hate it I skipped that week.  And for this week I certainly didn't have a "pic a day"  but it was a great week so I included the pics I had, lots of journaling and newspaper clippings.  Turns out, my layouts weren't half bad!  I really just love this project, because I was able to show what  our week was all about with things I threw together last minute.  And I didn't get all caught up in my "pic a day" philiosophy that I started out with. 

This week was all about basketball for us.  Our UK Wildcats made it the Final Four!!! And we played our state rival UL Cardinals.  It was a great week for the state of KY and it was so fun to see all the "hoopla" going around town!!  Our CATS pulled out a victory and are headed to the champioship game!

On the layouts for last week.....

Full layout

Left page.  I used a newspaper clipping "civil war" to show the intensity of the rival between UK and UL!  I also took a picture of my bracket that I filled out and shrunk it down to fit the 4x6 slot.  I am in LOVE with the black and white polka dot washi tape that I found at Target.... I hope I don't over do it!

I included an insert this week.  I participated in the #Marchphotoaday challenge by fatmumslim over on Instagram.  I loved this challenge.  You take a certain photo each day accoring to the pre-planned template by fatmumslim.  I decided to make a 4x6 collage using 6 instagrams, then cut the pics down to fit in the page protector.  These protectors are coin collecting protectors which can be found on Amazon.  I then used paper from the Clementine collection to do my labeling for the date the pic was taken and what the category was.  I like the way this turned out, but have more ideas for April!  (front side)

(Back side of insert)

Right page.

Hoping that I can now stay caught up!!  Linking up today with Project Life Tueday over at The Mom Creative.

The Mom Creative


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Final Four Weekend in the Bluegrass

As much as I love blogging...... I have been majorly M.I.A.  I just can't seem to find the time day in and day out like I was before.  Maybe it is because, I am 4 weeks away from GRADUATING!  Hoping that can get back in the routine of posting a couple times a week.  And my project life has suffered... I havent taken many pics the past 2 weeks so I have decided to accept that I will have 2 weeks missing.  But I am back on track, as of now!!

Did I mention, it was a HUGE weekend here in KY.  The states 2 biggest universities went head-to-head in the Final Four match-up last night.  UK vs. UL!  Being a huge UK fan I was hoping the CATS would pull out a victory, but I was just proud that our state was well represented in the Final Four and that one of these teams would be in the championship!! 

Here is a pic of us rooting on our teams last night.... We have watched every NCAA tournament game at Patrick's cousins house, so of course we have to keep the tradition going until the end! 

My hubby is soooo supersticious, that he has convinced me to wear the same clothes every game since the tournament has started.... washed of course :o)

And little miss Lily had a bath and haircut on Friday and they put the cutest blue/basketball ribbons in her hair.  She had pigtails... it was so precious!  But she is no girly girl, those bows only lasted a couple of hours.

Can't believe the weekend is almost over... just goes by way to fast!!

Looking forward to tomorrow night when the Kentucky WILDCATS take on the Kansas JAYHAWS in the Championship game!!!!!!!  Let's bring home #8 BBN