Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Life Tuesday: 2012: Week 7

Life has definately got a hold of me and I am sad that this is my first week of not linking up and having my Project Life Post ready on Tuesday.  Was majorly bummed... but hey, that's come and gone.  I still checked out The Mom Creative and saw lots of great posts and layouts.  Even though I didn't have my layout done in time to post yesterday, it is done now and I am excited to share.  I am back on track and will be back to linking up next Tuesday.

FYI- My pics didn't turn out that good, but I didn't feel like re-taking them.  Oh well!

Full layout

Left side... missing a pic.  Thought I printed it, but obviously not!  I also left one pocket specific for journaling what we did on Valentines day. 

Valentine's Day Printable in a plain pocket protector from Target (front side)

Valentine from my daddy (back side of 1st insert) and Valentines me and my hubby exchanged (front of 2nd insert)

Valentine goodies for Lily and us from our moms (Back of 2nd insert) And last page

Right side-Last page

As you can see missed a few pics again this week.  But I was able to fill them with fun inserts and add ins that I have found from other Project Life layouts.  I love the "Currently journaling card" I made.... gives a great snapshot of life right here and now what you are enjoying, thinking, and living in every day life.  The other was "week in review."  I did this last week and loved it.  Definately think it is a great way to document all the fun and important things that happened that week that was mentioned or if it was you can elaborate.

Wheewwww, glad that is behind me.  Feeling behind is something I DO NOT like.  So now that the layout is complete and it's posted here.....I can focus and move on to this week.


The Wallace Family said...

It looks so good Abby! I love all the extras and hey no one will ever know you missed a few days if you don't tell them! Looks good and you got it done:) I don' know how you do it girlfriend!

Lisa Johnson said...

I ♥ seeing your PL posts, and found your blog through your link up at the Mom Creative. Just so you know, you can still link up on her post for another 12 days! I think she leaves the "add your link" open for 2 weeks that way if you are behind (like I have been the past few weeks), you can still link up. :)

ms.composure said...

Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :)

Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

what a cute idea!!!

Tonya said...

Love this idea. I have been considering doing PL for awhile now and just haven't done it. Yours is adorable. Just stopping by from the hop!! PS-my hubs is a DIE hard UK fan too...all the way here in deep Hoosier country. :)

Tonya said...


Danielle Marie said...

Ah love this idea!! So cute.

Nirupama said...

Hey - there is always next week to liink up if you fall behind ;) I skipped a week in the beginning so I didn't have a real deadline. It is working out so far. I saw your question on my blog and I will work ona better tutorial soon, but just want you to know. I use followgram to get instagram photos on my pc. I just right click them and hit save. Then I open up a 4x6week collage in picasa and place the full square in the middle. I either then print them at home or ritz. Does that make sense? Sometimes I make bigger collages but just print them at home. At home I print on cotton paper or cardstock. It gives a neat effect sometime.