Sunday, April 1, 2012

Final Four Weekend in the Bluegrass

As much as I love blogging...... I have been majorly M.I.A.  I just can't seem to find the time day in and day out like I was before.  Maybe it is because, I am 4 weeks away from GRADUATING!  Hoping that can get back in the routine of posting a couple times a week.  And my project life has suffered... I havent taken many pics the past 2 weeks so I have decided to accept that I will have 2 weeks missing.  But I am back on track, as of now!!

Did I mention, it was a HUGE weekend here in KY.  The states 2 biggest universities went head-to-head in the Final Four match-up last night.  UK vs. UL!  Being a huge UK fan I was hoping the CATS would pull out a victory, but I was just proud that our state was well represented in the Final Four and that one of these teams would be in the championship!! 

Here is a pic of us rooting on our teams last night.... We have watched every NCAA tournament game at Patrick's cousins house, so of course we have to keep the tradition going until the end! 

My hubby is soooo supersticious, that he has convinced me to wear the same clothes every game since the tournament has started.... washed of course :o)

And little miss Lily had a bath and haircut on Friday and they put the cutest blue/basketball ribbons in her hair.  She had pigtails... it was so precious!  But she is no girly girl, those bows only lasted a couple of hours.

Can't believe the weekend is almost over... just goes by way to fast!!

Looking forward to tomorrow night when the Kentucky WILDCATS take on the Kansas JAYHAWS in the Championship game!!!!!!!  Let's bring home #8 BBN



Michelle said...

Lily looks SO cute in her blue bows!! I can't wait for the game tomorrow. I would give anything to watch the game in KY with my fellow wildcats!!

Valerie Griffin said...

loving your cute blog! i'm your newest follower!

thecoffeehouse said...

oh my. ok, i had to check out this lily. waaant her so bad! i have a 95lb lab. want to switch?

Abby Devine said...

thanks for the kind comments... lily is soo little compared to your labs. she weighs 4.5 lbs. we dont have kids yet, but she acts just like a baby... you may not want to switch!!! wants her momma "all the time"