Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time is a FLYING....

I can't believe that May is almost here.... where is the time going these days?  I have been school-free for the past week now and BOY am I loving it!!  This week Patrick is on vacation, so it's going to be super nice having the week together.  We have decided not to take a vacation this year (TEAR) due to paying for school out of our pocket, needing a new car and about to lay new flooring in the house.  I am pretty sad about this... I have gone on vacation every year ever since I was a little girl!  So I guess it;s time to suck it up... but next  year is a must!!

It is Derby week here in the Bluegrass (KY)!!!  There are so many fun activities/race/parades/competitions/ and most importantly horse racing going on this week.  I have always wanted to go to Oaks and this year I am actually going.  I am pumped!! Tomorrow, I am heading out to find a new dress, and fascinator to wear!  I will post pics as soon as the outfit is complete. 

Im February I participated in the Photo-A-Day challenge by Fatmumslim on Instagram and loved it.  And March came and went and I only completed 5 photos for the month.  But I am planning to get back on track and for May.  I love completing this challenge, you find the most neat things to take pictures of and I love looking at all the FUN pics every one takes.  If you want to participate, here is the challenge!!  You will LOVE IT!!



Savannah said...

So jealous you are going to Oaks - enjoy!!

The Wallace Family said...

I want to do those challenges, but I get like 3 days into it and then forget to take my pictures!