Friday, January 11, 2013

An obsession like no other!!

I think we can all probably agree how dangerous Target can be to the pocket book. My goal today was to run in Target and make a return on rug that I purchased for the living room that didn't look as good as I had hoped. I had every intention of running in and out, but today was like every other Target visit....... I came away with fabulous finds that I did not need but of course HAD to have!!

Here's some of finds of the day.....

Love these Nate Berkus candle holders and candles... they look great on my mantle!

Being the purse freak I am.... I had to cute this super cute one-shoulder bag.  It is cream and will look great come Spring time.

What is there not to L-O-V-E about chevron?!?!  I snagged these super cute storage totes for my office.. which I plan to put to get use for storing some PL supplies!

I just can't seem to find the strength not browse, browse, and browse some more during a visit to Target. And I know that I'm not the only girl with this problem and obsession. My love for Target will be for a lifetime!!!!!

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The Wallace Family said...

Just text you!!! LOVE those chevron baskets!! They are so stinkin cute!! I need them,but I don't know yet what for:) Target is danger and Chris made me promise I would stay clear of Target until March...I'll try my hardest lol!!