Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life Tuesday: Week 4

So it's that time again... Project Life Tuesday and I am linking up today over at The Mom Creative.  This week was a fun layout to work with... we had lots of fun things that happened this week.  And I even used some of the cool paper and embellishments that I picked up at the scrapbook store, Archivers.  You can see all about that in this post!!!  I must say that I am LOVING the seafoam kit.  The colors and design are just amazing, I am so glad that I went with this kit.

So on to this weeks layout...

Left side

This week I used the "who, what, where, when, and why" card.  I just love this 3x4 card and it worked perfectly to journal about my recent dentist appt.  And of course I had to throw some washi tape onto the page.

Also, this week we celebrated Patrick's 28th birthday so I added 2 inserts for this birthday.

The first insert... I used a 6x12 page protector.  I put in all of the birthday cards Patirck received
 and then trimmed the page protector down and then used washi tape to seal the top.  The tape can easily be removed in case we ever want to pull the cards out to read again.

The second insert... I used Design F page protector.  I used a 4x6 journaling card to journal about the events of the day and then collaged 6 pictures to fit in each pocket.  I collaged (6) pics into (3) 4x6 photo and then cut the 4x6 in half to make (6) 3x4 photos.  I found these super cute tabs with the cutest sayings on them... the one I used this week says "moments."  I will definately be using these a lot through out the album. 

To fill the back of this insert I used some of the paper from Archivers and filled the rest with paper from the seamfoam line.

Right side

I used collages in the 4 main picture slots, because I had multiple pics for each item I wanted to document.  I love using these collages so I can fit more pics into each layout.

I love how this layout turned out and can't wait to get started on next weeks pages.

The Mom Creative



Miriam Rodriguez said...

great pages!! I'm loving the seafoam kit also!!!

Tamara said...

Awsome layouts (and inserts)! Good on you for snapping a photo at the dentist, I'm always to chicken to take photos at places like that (I quickly snapped one at the hairdressers the other day, before anyone could see me)!

Looking forward to seeing next weeks pages!

Linda Jordan said...

Love your pages, the seafoam kit looks great! I love the little tab you added also, I've been looking for something like that to add to my inserts!! I am now follow you :)


Sonya said...

Cute! Your pages look great!

Cerise said...

Great layouts! I love the pictures of all your new goodies, looks like you made out like a bandit.