Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekend blues....

Ya its sad to say and something you will rarely hear my say.... But this weekend I have the blues and I am wishing this weekend away. My new job requires me to work every other weekend. I never thought I would say this.... But I am surprisingly ok with it since I only have to work 14 days a month and I don't have to spend long nights on the phone on call. So what's the difference this weekend???! FLU season!!!!! Flu season is in full swing and its already predicted to be one of the worst flu seasons in the past 10 years. My poor nephew was diagnosed with the flu this week, but luckily he never really felt too bad despite his fever.

With the influenza scare and the media coverage to get flu shots my normal days of seeing 40 patients a day has spiked to 60+ a day!! And it has made for one tired, stressed, up-tight, high strung, and impatient provider. Of course I am trying to internalize all these emotions while seeing patients and saving it for the hubby waiting at home. He has been such a big help at home the past couple weeks and has done what he can to make me laugh and relax when I get home. I am lucky to have have him in my life!!

So anyways... Here's to a weekend of work, caring for people that need me, and DRINKS on Sunday night to celebrate the end of the weekend and only a 2 day work week next week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend,

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