Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back to the daily grind

Boy, was it ever hard to get up this morning and get back in the daily groove.  Being off 4 weeks has been the best thing, but sure has spoiled me!  The alarm went off this morning and I literally thought I was going to cry.  I mean... I haven't slept my days away being off, but 6:45am sure did come EARLY.   Once I got moving and was out the door, it felt pretty good to be back in the routine. 

Today was nothing but information overload.  Schedules given, ID badges made, paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork.  I am going to be working in the Norton immediate care 2 days a week, family allery and asthma 2 days a week, and in the OR 1 day a week (this is what I am most excited about)  I have always been obsessed, I mean completely obsessed with surgery.  And now, I am getting my opportunity, this is even better than from a nurses standpoint.  I am actually going to be cutting, fixing, and suturing..... Yes I am sick, crazy, and twisted!!!!!

 I don't want to sit here and go on and on about how fun and thrilling this can be, because you will probably get the wrong impression of me and the meaning of this being fun.  But at least there are people like me that LOVE this kinda of stuff so we can be there to help others and fix things!!!!

My last two posts have been medical based, but this is my life and that is who I am right now!!!  I hope you will enjoy following me through long days/nights of studying, nights on call, and the daily grind.  I can assure you some of the stories from my day will make your belly hurt from laughter.  But I promise not to be so boring, only from time to time!!    So hang on........

   OR badge... 1 of 3 but like I said, my FAVORITE!


CJA said...

Thats AWESOME Abby!! I always wanted to be a nurse!

Savannah said...

I must admit, reading this post made me queasy. I always wanted to be in the medical field because I think they can make such a difference, but have the weakest stomach! Can't wait to hear about your surgery experiences!! Good luck this semester!

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Of course it's fun! That's why we love what we do. Thanks for following The Nurse Practitioner's Place!