Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January Madness

Never know what kind of weather your gonna get when you leave in Kentucky.  It is the 60's one day and 20's the next, needless to say we know what to expect around here.  But I think yesterday was probably a shock to all.  Yesterday our local meteorologists gave us forewarning that were was going to be some strong storms with gusty winds.  But, living in the CRAZY area for weather that we do, the storms turned VERY severe.  There was tornado warnings in our area and areas surrounding for over 1 hour.  And there ended up being 7 confirmed  tornado touchdowns by the National Weather Service!  Crazy, huh??  Tornados on January 17th, not snow or a blizzard.... who knew??

The crazy thing was, I was at Target when the severe weather moved in.  I'm not going to lie, I was a little frightened.  Target employees escorted all shoppers to a safe place, where we sat for about 1 hour. Luckily, nothing severe happened where I was, to our home, or any of our family/friends.  But I am praying for those families and homes that were affected. 

But on a positive note.... I want to share all the GREAT deals I found shopping at Target after being released from the Tornado safe zone.

We keep Lily's dog food in the house in the laundry room and the bag always seems to get in my way so I was determined to fix that.

Love the OXO Soft Works Containers, they are my fav!  Much better!!!!

And don't you love these bowls.... all on clearance for $1.38 a piece.  We needed plastic bowls like this for cereal and what not, because I hate using my good dinner bowls all the time.  My kitchen is red, so they match perfect.

Ummm.... no explanation here other than I am in major clean-up and clean-out mode.  Time to get serious and organized around here.  Love all the containers Target has right now, so many styles and colors!!

I guess I don't need to say it, because you can probably already see that I am a sucker and HEART Target!!  This is my favorite and go-to store for absolutely everything.

Last picture to leave you with on this Wednesday..... My hubby and I went to the UK game last night.  We had great tickets and was kind of a pre-celebration leading up to his birthday on Jan 24th!!

2 days till the weekend, but who's counting??


The Wallace Family said...

LOVE OXO containers! They are my new favorite and my pantry is now full of them!! Looks like you and Pat had a great time at the game! And you know I LOVE Target too!

Savannah said...

Love love love Target!!! Enjoy your organizing fun ahead!

wHiT said...

I love Target too! One of my favorites! Just found your blog. I'd love for you to come check out mine, maybe we could follow each other?