Sunday, January 15, 2012

I heart Sundays!

LOVE Sundays.....It is my favorite day of the week!!  Remember that to-do list that I was telling you about that I didn't think would get done... well I surprised myself and was able to mark a few things off the list today (I'll tell you about that later).

I don't think I have mentioned this an any of posts so far, but I have 2 sisters.  I am the oldest, Kathleen(the middle) is 22-years old, and Allie Rae (the youngest) will be 11-years old in 2 weeks.  Kathleen is get married in July, so I started my day off at a bridal show.  My mom, Allie, and I went with Kathleen to see if you could find any ideas.  We didn't really come away with anything, because we have booked most of the big things for the wedding.  But we had a great time being together and mom treated us all to lunch. 

After the bridal shower, I came home did a little cleaning, organizing for the week, and THEN I pulled out that to-do list.  My to-do list is mainly composed of DIY, crafts, and projects that I want to complete.  My first project:  something to hang all of my scarfs..  Being the scarf fanatic that I am,  I know nothing is sturdy enough to hold them all so I just plan to hang my favorites!!  I found this project from a friend a fellow blogger.

Supplies:  one sturdy coat hanger, shower ring curtains, and ribbon.  All supplies purchased from the dollar store. 
Directions:  Cut small pieces of ribbon and tie shower curtain rings to each other one by one.  I made 2 rows of 6 rings.  After you do this, you take the top ring and tie the ring to the base of the hanger with a piece of ribbon

Here is a pic after everything is tied together

Only thing missing now are the scarfs.....

Very easy DIY project and a great way to keep your scarfs organized and not in a pile in the closet.  And thanks to Savannah Richardson for the great idea.

And be sure to check out Between Naps on the Porch blog because.....
I am linking up to Metamorphosis Monday, one fabulous party!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great holiday tomorrow!


Danielle Marie said...

I love Sundays too! I used to dread them when I was in high school but now I look forward to relaxing and getting things done on my to do list. Love the scarf organizer!

CBurns said...

I love Sundays too! This one is especially great because there is no school tomorrow! :)
& Aren't sisters the greatest ever?!

The Wallace Family said...

Oh my I love this Abby I am so doing something like this. I have enough scarfs to fill up a few of these so I will have to pick my favorites as well..what a great idea! Yours turned out really cute! And I see a few scarfs on there that I would like to have too:)

Savannah said...

Sundays are the BEST! I love that you recreated the scarf holder!! Such a simple, cheap and quick project - my favorite. Sounds like you had a fun morning with your mom and sisters. Wedding planning is so fun!

Patti said...

Good idea - so easy to see them at a glance!