Sunday, January 22, 2012


Last night we pulled off the ultimate surprise..... My mom, sisters, and I surprised my dad with a 50th birthday party!!!  I can't even begin to explain to you how hard he is to surprise!!  But we did it, he had to clue!!  His birthday was actually December 27th, but this was the first weekend we were all free.  We surprised him at BJ's resturant in Bardstown and all the Thompson family was there.  We had drinks, appetizers, dinner, drinks, and MORE drinks :o)) 

When dad walked in.....

It was a great time and almost the entire Thompson family was there so it was pretty special.

My two favorite men!! LOVE them so much!

Mom, Me, Dad, Kathleen.... Allie Rae was off playing with some of our cousins!!!

Dad with his siblings,mom and dad!

Can you see how much fun we were having?!?!  So glad we pulled the off the surprise!!  Have anyone of you ever had a surprise bday party?  I did, when I was 13!!!  They are so fun!!!

Happy Sunday!!


Savannah said...

How fun!! We surprised my Mom for her 50th last September. Your dad is one lucky guy and clearly very loved by his immediate and extended families. So fun!

The Wallace Family said...

Can't believe you were able to pull it off! Wow he for sure looks have the cutest family! But, you already knew I thought that:)