Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK JR. Day and Organization in the making.....

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to all!! Hope everyone is having a great holiday. Today is such a great day for America to remember MLK Jr. and to reflect back on how far our country has come as a whole. I am proud to live here in America and am so thankful that the old ways of America are not true in present day. Thanks to all our great leaders and fellow service men who make this country so great, to protect our freedom and safety.
Remember, me saying that I was supposed to work today.... Well, I ended up having an unexpected day off! I was so excited, especially since my hubby was off too. So I was able to pull that lingering to-do and I was able to complete a few things. We are planning to get all new flooring in the house and would like to have it done within the next month, so we made a trip to one of our favorite stores... Lowes to start browsing and do some pricing. We found a lot of great things and hope to start the redo soon. I will be sure to post before and after shots!!!

But the project I was able to tackle and finish day had to do with my coupons. Now, I am not an extremist, but I do look at the coupons in the Sunday paper and I hang on to the ones with the products that we use on regular basis. I found myself laying these coupons everywhere and before I know it I just toss them because I can't keep them organized. Also, for all those Bed Bath and Beyond, Hobby Lobby, and Pier 1 coupons lying in the bottom of my purse..... ughhhh!! They get in my way!!

So I decided it was time to get them organized and find something to keep them in, so that they are all in one place and I can put it in my purse.   I figure if they are with me and organized I will be more apt to use them.  I made a few stops in Dollar Store, Hobby Lobby, and Target but didn’t really find anything that I liked.  So, on my way home I decided to give Dollar Tree a try.  And what do you know… I found the perfect organizer for all my coupons and discount offers.   

Here is what I found.....

The container is about 4x6 in dimensions and is small enough to place in my purse.  There are 5 tabs inside that come with labels, so that you can label each section according to what you put in there.  And of course I had to jazz it up a little bit with some stickers that I had laying around.

Here is a look in the inside.....

The total cost of this great organizational project was $1.00.  The organizer was $1.00 and the stickers were free since I already had them!!!  I am very pleased with this and I can't wait to start finally using all the coupons that I collect. 

So what do you think??  Would you use something like this to keep your coupons and discount offers organized?  Or do you have any of your own ideas that you use to keep coupons neat and organized?!

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The Wallace Family said...

Looks so cute Abby!! Glad you got an unexpected day off with Pat..I am sure you all enjoyed it together! I can't wait to see what you pick out for the floors. I love your house already!