Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Life Tuesday (Jan1-7)

Well this is my first year participating in Project Life and I have been working very hard to get all my materials organized.  And I have had so much fun doing so!!  I am taking the 365 approach (a picture/a day) and I can say that I have been doing great so far.... haven't missed a day!  Since I have been taking a picture a day, I have come to see all the precious things in life that I didn't see on daily basis.   

Being new to Project life, I have been looking for all kinds of ideas and inspiration to help me complete my layouts.  So I decided to link up with Jessica Turner and her Project Life Tuesday.  Each Tuesday, I will be able to share my layout for the week and see what all the Project Lifers are doing out there.

Here it goes.... The Devine Family's first week of 2012.

Title Page

Week 1:  Jan1st-7th

Sunday:  New Years Day!!  Patrick, Lily, and I started the new year off being couch potatoes at home.  Had a nice, relaxing day... just the 3 of us!

Monday:  First snow of 2012, no accumulations, just a light dusting in our area. First time Lily  saw snow, she loved it.

Tuesday:  UK vs. ULRA.  Mom, Allie, and I went to Freedom Hall to watch the Kentucky Wildcats play.  We are huge UK fans!

Wenesday:  In LOVE with my new Steve Madden boots that arrived UPS today.

Thursday:  Oh my!!  Things are disasterous here at the house, I am cleaning out and organizing.  New start to a new year.

Friday:  Today I completed my first Pintrest project.  The Devine Love message board.  Great way to leave a sweet message to your loved one to let them know your thinking of them.  All supplies were purchased from the one and only... Hobby Lobby!

Saturday:  As you can see, Lily loves my new rug from Target just as much as I do. This design is so popular right now and it looks GREAT in our kitchen. 

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CJA said...

I LOVE IT! I am totally doing that next year!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love your journaling cards :)

Brittany said...

I'm so glad I've found your blog! I am a huge UK fan/alum and I was looking at Project Life blogs to get ideas. I wanted this for Christmas but hubby forgot so I am trying to order the materials soon. Were you able to get any of the design A pages? I can't find them anywhere :(

Anonymous said...

Your PL looks great. How cute is that dog? A little sweetie.

You have reminded me to use those little stickers from the kit.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, looking forward to seeing what you do this year.


camilla said...

I like the use of the airmail envelope. Very fun.

Abby Devine said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments... I am new to this, so it means a lot.

Brittany- I am glad you found me too!! Glad to have a UK follower. You should definately purchase PL, you will love it. When I purchased it I got all design A pages, this was before Christmas.... I know they are out of stock now. But keep checking back! Good luck.

Savannah said...

Love this!! Such a fun way to "scrapbook" without the crazy time commitment. Can't wait to see what else your come up with!

The Wallace Family said...

Abby!! I LOVE it you did a great job for your first week!! You will be so proud of your album at the end of the year. One of my favorite things to do is to look at my album from this time last year to see what we were doing then! It's so neat. And you will especially love it when you get pregnant some day and are album to look back at that after having the baby!! I love doing that too with my album from the year before! I am so glad you jumped on board and I know you are too!! Yay

Melissa said...

Your layouts are very nice and your little puppy, Lily, is adorable! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I am also new to project life and using the clementine kit (as you know.) Isn't Project Life Tuesday so great for inspiration!

SaigeWisdom said...

wow I'm impressed. This is quite the undertaking with an end result that will surely be nothing short of ahh-mazing.

Sara said...

Abby, this really turned out great! I think I am also in love with your Steve Madden boots! How cute is that sneaky picture you caught with your hubby and the dog. Ha! Being married almost 9 years, and 2 kids later, I wish kit like this would have been around so I could document the little bits of life. I "scrapped" the big things, but I don't really remember what our daily life was like. (you know...back in the good old days when I worked and showered daily...and wore cute clothes). I am so excited for you and your new journey! Keep up the good work!

Abby Devine said...

Thanks Sara.... I am really excited I jumped on the PL bandwagon, have to think my friend Christy Wallace for that. But I can't wait to look back and see this at the end of the year. I am already seeing and realizing all the little fun things in life that I was missing before doing PL and trying to document it. This next year is going to be one full of changes and I can't wait to see how far we come!

Thanks to all for stopping by.

Nadine Karen said...

Hi Abby! Thanks for coming by my blog! This is my first year in PL too, your pages are great and your Lily is so stinkin' adorable!! I will have to check out Project Life Tuesdays.