Friday, January 27, 2012


T.G.I.F is an under statement!!!  This week has been another crazy one.  Clinicals are going great, but extremely busy.  I am mentally and physically exhasuted and I miss my hubby and Lily.  I haven't been getting home till about 8:30 every night and it just makes things kinda of a drag when I don't get much time with them at night.  I know, I know.... I don't have kids to take care of, but I am still going to whine!!!!  It's alot and there is no way around that. 

In between clinicals and studying, I have been on the job hunt.  I haven't really decided what I want just yet.  My heart is set on one thing, but I just want to make sure that it is the right one.  Too much time has been spent to choose the wrong thing!!!!!! 

But anways.... I'll stop with the whining and complaining!!!!  (for now, haha!!!)

On a brighter side... Wanted to share with you guys some really cute Vday decorations that I found at Hobby Lobby last week.  I have a real obsession with Hobby Lobby and Target right now.  I always love these places, but I feel like I am going once a week to see "whats new"  and that is soooo not good!

Here are my cute finds.....

Love these little cupcakes... cute, simple, and look great on my bakers rack in the kitchen.

Love this too.... I put all of Patricks favorite candy in there for him to snack on.  Reese and peanut butter M &Ms. 

I hung this cute heart from the window seal in my kitchen, so cute and adds a little Vday spirit in the kitchen.

And my decorative kitchen towels.  I am a freak when it comes to decorative holiday towels on my stove.  I feel in love with these at Target.  This are for looks ONLY, when my husband remembers!!! haha!!

I really enjoy deocrating our house for each holiday!!  Growing up my mom always had holiday decor out and I think she has passed on the LOVE to me.   I stick with the more major holidays (Vday, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) may be forgetting a few!! 

What about you guys.....  do you like decorating your house too for your families???

Happy Friday!!


Shannon Marie said...

I'm a sucker for decorative kitchen towels :) It makes dishes and cooking so much more enjoyable!

And even though you've been getting home late, I know that all your hard work will pay off!


The Wallace Family said...

Love the cupcakes! I am also obsessed with decorative kitchen towels. The problem is Chris NEVER remembers they are just for decor and we have to change them out so often! That's life haha..I am so happy that it is Friday and that I feel a little sad I won't see you tonight:( Excited that I can hang out with my baby girl FINALLY! Have a great weekend Ab!

CBurns said...

I love all of your Vday decorations! So cute!
& I totally relate to how you feel about school & having such little time with those you love! But we are almost finished!!! :)